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HOW TO SIGNUP & Book Classes

  • To sign up, view membership prices and book classes, click "Connect" in the top right corner of the timetable above

  • Create an account or sign into your account, once you have made an account you will be able to view the defferent memberships and packaes AMRAP offers

  • Select the membership or package that suits you, we offer 2 memberships or a pay as you go package

  • Book your classes by clicking on the class you want to attend and click book. You can access the timetable either through this website or mobile app

  • Can't see the timetable? Use this link instead 

How To View Timetable

  • Above you will see the timetable with all the classes and timings.

  • Here you can see the variety of classes AMRAP offers

  • If you want to book a class you will need to follow the steps in the "How to Signup & Book Classes" section

  • Can't see the timetable? Use this link instead